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Vim commands for Flutter, including hot-reload-on-save and more. πŸ¦‹
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Vim commands for Flutter, including hot-reload-on-save and more.

Demo usage GIF


Usage documentation can be found both in this README, as well as via calling :h flutter.


vim-flutter is a Vimscript-only plugin, and makes heavy use of Vim8's async jobs. It can be installed with a package manager like vim-plug , for example.

Though this package doesn't depend on it, having dart-vim-plugin available is recommended, for a betterexperience.

You may also consider combining package:dart_language_server with a Language Server Protocol client, like ale.

Plug 'dart-lang/dart-vim-plugin'
Plug 'thosakwe/vim-flutter'

" Run :PlugInstall to install the plugin.

Ultimately, installation is up to you.


  • g:flutter_command - The Flutter executable path/name; defaults to 'flutter'.
  • g:flutter_hot_reload_on_save - Whether to auto hot-reload when dart files are saved; defaults to 1.

Provided Commands

  • :FlutterRun <args> - calls flutter run <args>
  • :FlutterHotReload - triggers a hot reload on the current Flutter process
  • :FlutterHotRestart - triggers a hot restart on the current Flutter process
  • :FlutterQuit - quits the current Flutter process
  • :FlutterDevices - opens a new buffer, and writes the output of flutter devices to it
  • :FlutterSplit - opens Flutter output in a horizontal split

The following are self-explanatory:

  • :FlutterVSplit
  • :FlutterTab

Menu Support

If you are using a GUI Vim Variant, you can add a Flutter menu by calling call FlutterMenu().

Hot Reload on Save

A convenient feature to have when working with Flutter is to automatically hot-reload an app once a file is saved. By default, whenever a dart file is saved, if and only if a Flutter process is running, it will be hot-reloaded.

You can disable this by setting g:hot_reload_on_save=0, before vim-flutter is loaded.

Example .vimrc

Plug 'thosakwe/vim-flutter'
call plug#end()

" Enable Flutter menu
call FlutterMenu()

" Some of these key choices were arbitrary;
" it's just an example.
nnoremap <leader>fa :FlutterRun<cr>
nnoremap <leader>fq :FlutterQuit<cr>
nnoremap <leader>fr :FlutterHotReload<cr>
nnoremap <leader>fR :FlutterHotRestart<cr>
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