Syntax highlighting for Dart in Vim
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Dart Support for Vim

dart-vim-plugin provides filetype detection, syntax highlighting, and indentation for Dart code in Vim.

Looking for an IDE experience? See the Dart Tools page..


You need to install pathogen.vim in order to install and user dart-vim-plugin. Pathogen makes it super easy to install plugins and runtime files under ~./vim/bundle or in their own private directories


  1. Make a directory.

    mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle
  2. Clone a repository.

    cd ~/.vim/bundle
    git clone
  3. Put following codes in your ~/.vimrc.

    if has('vim_starting')
      set nocompatible
      set runtimepath+=~/.vim/bundle/dart-vim-plugin
    filetype plugin indent on


You can use following vim commands: