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Refactor printing of steps #871

merged 100 commits into from
Jan 11, 2022

Refactor printing of steps #871

merged 100 commits into from
Jan 11, 2022


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@EmilHvitfeldt EmilHvitfeldt commented Dec 15, 2021


We want to move over to using {cli} for printing in the package #426. However the current way printing is done in this package + extension packages doesn't allow for an easy transition. {cli} and cat() doesn't work well together. The reprex below neatly outlines the problem with trying to move to {cli} using extension packages.

Suppose that we completely swap to {cli} but the user uses an older version of an extension package. Then when an extension step is being used it will contain a cat() call, messing with the print method. (SMOTE based on is being printed before everything else`)

print.step_center <- function() {
  cli::cli_text("Centering for ")
  printer(c("mpg", "cyl"))
print.step_scale <- function() {
  cli::cli_text("Scaling for")
  printer(c("mpg", "cyl"))
print.step_smote <- function() {
  cat("SMOTE based on ")

printer <- function(cols) {
  cli::cli_text(glue::glue_collapse(cols, sep = ", "))

print.recipe <- function() {
  children <- list(
    for (child in children) {

#> SMOTE based on
#> Centering for
#> mpg, cyl
#> Scaling for
#> mpg, cyl
#> cyl

Created on 2021-12-15 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

Solution / Plan

My proposed solution is to move to {cli} over two releases.

version 0.1.18

  • Include print_step() function, superseding printer(). This function will keep printing output unchanged, but moves the responsibility of step title printing.
  • {recipes} and extension packages move to adopt print_step() in favor of printer() whenever possible. With the goal of eliminating all calls to cat() from print.step_*() functions across all packages.
# Old
print.step_pls <- function(x, width = max(20, options()$width - 35), ...) {
  cat("PLS feature extraction with ")
  printer(x$columns, x$terms, x$trained, width = width)

# New
print.step_pls <- function(x, width = max(20, options()$width - 35), ...) {
  title <- "PLS feature extraction with "
  print_step(x$columns, x$terms, x$trained, width = width, title = title)

version 0.1.19

print.recipe() and print_step() move from cat() to {cli}.

This is not a perfect solution, but it reduces the change someone gets butchered printing from recipes as they would need to have version 0.1.19 recipes, but a pre 0.1.18 extension package.

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Member Author

This should be all the changes here in {recipes} to the steps. I tried to minimally change the the output. Many more steps now correctly print "" when no variables are selected

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Member Author

Finished running revdepcheck


# Platform

|field    |value                          |
|version  |R version 4.1.1 (2021-08-10)   |
|os       |macOS Big Sur 11.3.1           |
|system   |x86_64, darwin17.0             |
|ui       |RStudio                        |
|language |(EN)                           |
|collate  |en_US.UTF-8                    |
|ctype    |en_US.UTF-8                    |
|tz       |America/Los_Angeles            |
|date     |2021-12-21                     |
|rstudio  |1.5.216 Ghost Orchid (desktop) |
|pandoc   |2.5 @ /usr/local/bin/pandoc    |

# Dependencies

|package    |old    |new         |Δ  |
|recipes    |0.1.17 | |*  |
|parallelly |NA     |1.30.0      |*  |
|progressr  |NA     |0.10.0      |*  |

# Revdeps

## New problems (1)

|package                            |version |error |warning |note |
|[usemodels]( |0.1.0   |      |__+1__  |2    |

The new warning is: which doesn't have anything to do with this PR

*   checking whether package ‘usemodels’ can be installed ... WARNING
    Found the following significant warnings:
      Warning: replacing previous import ‘recipes::tune_args’ by ‘tune::tune_args’ when loading ‘usemodels’
    See ‘/Users/emilhvitfeldthansen/Desktop/recipes/revdep/checks.noindex/usemodels/new/usemodels.Rcheck/00install.out’ for details.

@EmilHvitfeldt EmilHvitfeldt marked this pull request as ready for review December 21, 2021 23:02
@topepo topepo merged commit 55ecda0 into main Jan 11, 2022
@topepo topepo deleted the printing-refactor branch January 11, 2022 22:25
topepo added a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 12, 2022
topepo added a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 13, 2022
* changes for #823

* use kernlab directly instead if dimRed

* use fastICA directly instead of dimRed

* copious skips

* add seed argument for ICA and some code refactoring

* Update R/misc.R

Co-authored-by: Davis Vaughan <>

* uncomment example code

* rename calling function

* small new change

* roll back kpca change (bad update form main)

* updated print method for #871

* changes based on reviewer feedback

Co-authored-by: Davis Vaughan <>
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