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tibble 1.4.1

@krlmlr krlmlr released this
· 2193 commits to main since this release
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New formatting

The new pillar package is now responsible for formatting tibbles. Pillar will try to display as many columns as possible, if necessary truncating or shortening the output. Colored output highlights important information and guides the eye. The vignette in the tibble package describes how to adapt custom data types for optimal display in a tibble.

New features

  • Make add_case() an alias for add_row() (#324, @LaDilettante).
  • as_tibble() gains rownames argument (#288, #289).
  • as_tibble.matrix() repairs column names.
  • Tibbles now support character subsetting (#312).
  • `[.tbl_df`() supports drop = TRUE and omits the warning if j is passed. The calls df[i, j, drop = TRUE] and df[i, drop = TRUE] are now compatible with data frames again (#307, #311).

Bug fixes

  • Improved compatibility with remote data sources for glimpse() (#328).
  • Logical indexes are supported, a warning is raised if the length does not match the number of rows or 1 (#318).
  • Fixed width for word wrapping of the extra information (#301).
  • Prevent add_column() from dropping classes and attributes by removing the use of cbind(). Additionally this ensures that add_column() can be used with grouped data frames (#303, @DavisVaughan).
  • add_column() to an empty zero-row tibble with a variable of nonzero length now produces a correct error message (#319).

Internal changes

  • Reexporting has_name() from rlang, instead of forwarding, to avoid warning when importing both rlang and tibble.
  • Compatible with R 3.1 (#323).
  • Remove Rcpp dependency (#313, @patperry).