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CardKit 2 - Documentation Wiki

CardKit is a flexible, open-source image editor with renderers for browsers and servers. It allows developers to define configurable templates which CardKit can compose into an image. The built-in UI gives a simple mechanism for users to edit the image where necessary. CardKit 2 is a library, that can be included into any other project either via npm or as a <script> tag. This makes it simple to build your own custom UI over the top, if you don't wish to use the included one.

This documentation is for CardKit v1 which is now deprecated. For up-to-date documentation on the latest release, CardKit 2, head here

  1. What is CardKit?
  2. Tutorial: Build with CardKit
  3. Changes from v1 to v2
  4. For developers
  5. Creating your own configuration
  6. Application structure
  7. Setting up a development environment
  8. Quick prototyping and testing
  9. Changelog
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