Automatically update function definitions in a running Julia session
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NOTE: this page is for Julia 0.7.0 and higher. For Julia 0.6 see this branch

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Revise.jl allows you to modify code and use the changes without restarting Julia. With Revise, you can be in the middle of a session and then update packages, switch git branches, and/or edit the source code in the editor of your choice; any changes will typically be incorporated into the very next command you issue from the REPL. This can save you the overhead of restarting Julia, loading packages, and waiting for code to JIT-compile.

See the documentation:

In particular, most users will probably want to alter their .julia/config/startup.jl file to run Revise automatically, as described in the "Configuration" section of the documentation.


Revise became possible because of Jameson Nash's fix of Julia issue 265. Juno is an IDE that offers an editor-based mechanism for achieving some of the same aims.