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Any chance of getting packages for debian and brew?

tj commented Nov 13, 2012
# Get and install <repo>.

get() {
  local prev=`pwd`
  local repo=$1
  rm -fr /tmp/get \
    && mkdir /tmp/get \
    && cd /tmp/get \
    && curl -#L$repo/tarball/master \
    | tar zx --strip 1 \
    && make install \
    && cd $prev

is what I use, get visionmedia/mon haha, but yeah I'm sure we could add those, super easy to just curl the tarball and make install


It might be easier in the readme to do a one-liner, like npm and brew installation.

curl | sh
tj commented Nov 13, 2012

that gets annoying per-project, I'll look into adding it to brew etc later, though I know brew is really annoying to maintain


Sure, but I think for the README people want a one liner....not every will know to put this in the .bashrc.

@tj tj added a commit that closed this issue Nov 13, 2012
@tj add verbose one-liner. Closes #13 82c1c6a
@tj tj closed this in 82c1c6a Nov 13, 2012
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