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Support for Cassandra >= 2.0 #184

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romix commented Feb 28, 2014


I hope this project is not completely dead yet and someone still looks at new issues from time to time ;-)

Solandra seems to work properly, when the old versions of Cassandra and Solr are used, as described in the dependencies.

But in our setup, we use a newer version of Cassandra. So, I was thinking about creating a branch with Cassandra >= 2.0 support. I started with it on my local branch.

Of course, some Cassandra APIs have changed in the meantime. Many reported compilations problems can be fixed pretty easily by means of small re-factorings.

But currently I'm stuck with handling of SuperColumns. The problem is that classes handling them were removed from Cassandra or significantly changed. As a result, almost nothing related to SuperColumns works anymore. And Solandra has a lot of such places. E.g. it extensively uses old SuperColumn-enabled APIs for QueryPath, Column.getSubColumn(), RowMutation.add, RowMutation.delete, etc. I could fix some simple cases, but I lack enough experience with Cassandra/Solandra to fix all of this.

It would be nice, if someone more knowledgable in this area could provide some hints.

Specifically, I have the following questions:

  1. What should be used instead of Salandra QueryPath(ColumnFamily, SuperColumn, ColumnName) objects?

  2. What should be used now instead of Column.getSubColumns(), e.g. inside the CassandraIndexManager class?

Any further hints and advices would help as well.

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