TLDR clients

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TLDR pages database is available on MIT License. Therefore it allows all sorts of clients to work with it.

Web clients

Client Installation instructions
ostera / tldr.jsx See it live on
TheAshwanik / tldr-Jquery-client See it live on
DuckDuckGo Search for a page, e.g. tldr tar
hill / tldr-chrome Install on the Chrome Web Store

Console clients

Node.js client is historically the first one, and it still remains actively supported.

Client Implementation details Installation instructions
anoopengineer / tldr Go Lang go get
(or Download binaries for Windows, MacOSX and Linux)
dbrgn / tealdeer Rust cargo install tealdeer
hterkelsen / tldr Dart pub global activate tldr
kirillseva / tldrrr R not available yet
k3mist / tldr Go Lang go get
(or Downloads (OSX, Linux, Windows))
lord63 / Python pip install
porras / tlcr Crystal brew install porras/tap/tlcr
pranavraja / tldr Go Lang go get
(or platform binaries)
raylee / tldr Bash not available yet
rilut / rust-tldr Rust cargo install tldr
shoichikaji / perl-tldr Perl cpanm -nq App::tldr
edgurgel / tldr_elixir_client Elixir binaries not yet available
tldr-pages / tldr-cpp-client C++ Brew: brew install tldr
Macports: port install tldr-cpp-client
tldr-pages / tldr-node-client Node.js npm install -g tldr
tldr-pages / tldr-python-client Python pip install tldr
YellowApple / tldrb Ruby gem install tldrb
accatyyc / tldr-man man not available yet
brainmaestro/tldr-php PHP composer global require brainmaestro/tldr

Mobile clients

Client Platform Installation instructions
gianasista / tldr-viewer Android tldr-viewer on Google Play
hidroh / tldroid Android tldroid on Google Play
freesuraj / TLDR iOS TLDR Man Page in App Store
mflint / ios-tldr-viewer iOS tldr-pages in App Store

Desktop clients

Client Platform Installation instructions
terenceng2010/tldr-electron Linux,Mac,Windows electron-packaged binaries at

Application integration

Application Repo Installation instructions
Alfred cs1707 / tldr-alfred
Dash for OSX Moddus / tldr-python-dash-docset open Preferences / Downloads / User Contributed
find tldr pages in the list
Emacs kuanyui / tldr.el tldr.el is now available on MELPA
Zeal Moddus / tldr-python-dash-docset


Platform Language Repo Installation instructions
Slack Rust tldr-slack-bot Add a bot user to workspace, obtain API key, compile repository with cargo and execute.
Telegram JavaScript tldr-telegram Add the bot on Telegram or follow the installation instructions.