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Automatic install and update script for Invidious
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Invidious-Updater (And Installer)

                  ║                        Invidious                        ║
                  ║               Automatic update script for              ║
                  ║                      Maintained by @tmiland                       ║
                  ║                          version: 1.3.2                           ║

GitHub release licence Bash

Script to install and update Invidious

  • Install Invidious
  • Update Invidious
  • Deploy Invidious with Docker
  • Install Invidious service
  • Run database maintenance
  • Run database migration
  • Uninstall Invidious



Debian Ubuntu
CentOS Fedora


Download and execute the script:

$ wget
$ chmod +x
$ ./

Or :

$ cd /home/invidious
$ git clone
$ cd Invidious-Updater
$ chmod +x
$ ./


$ ln -s /home/invidious/Invidious-Updater/ /usr/bin/invidious-updater
$ invidious-updater

Note: you will be prompted to enter root password

If root password is not set, type:

sudo passwd root


  1. Install invidious


  1. Update Invidious

    • Let's go through some configuration options.

    • Do you want to checkout Invidious release or master?

        1. release
        1. master
    • Select an option [1-2]: 1

    • You entered:

      • branch: release
    • Invidious is ready to be updated, press any key to continue...

  2. Deploy Invidious with Docker

      1. Build and start cluster
      1. Start, Stop or Restart cluster
      1. Rebuild cluster
      1. Delete data and rebuild
      1. Install Docker CE
  3. Install Invidious service

    • Setup Systemd Service
  4. Run database maintenance

  5. Run database migration

  6. Uninstall Invidious


  1. Exit

    • Exits the script



Tested and working on:

Debian Ubuntu CentOS Fedora
  • Tested extensively on Debian 9

    • Docker option tested and working
  • Tested on Ubuntu 16.04

    • Docker option tested, not working
  • Tested on Ubuntu 18.10

    • Docker option tested and working
  • Tested on CentOS 7

    • Docker option tested and working
  • Tested on Fedora 29

    • Docker option tested and working
  • On Bash on Debian on Windows (in Gnome-Boxes)

    • Systemd not working
    • Docker option not working

    If you get permission issues, set selinux to permissive. See how to here: Disable SELinux or Set it to Permissive mode in Fedora 28 / 29, RHEL or CentOS

    Postgresql 11 will be installed by default in both Fedora and CentOS.

Latest install log - version: 1.2.7

install log Debian 9


On the todo list:

  • Add Imagemagick (source) to Uninstall options


What's done:

  • Add Uninstallation option
    • Added in version 1.1.4
  • Rework the install prompts
    • Done in version 1.1.5
  • Add database migration option migrate-scripts
  • Add database maintenance option Database Information and Maintenance
  • Add option to compile imagemagick from source Issues with Captcha on Debian and Ubuntu
    • Added in version 1.1.6
    • Added support for Imagemagick 6 and 7, or keep current version.
    • The captcha clock is working with 6 and 7, not with default pkg.
  • Add Deb Packages
  • Support for auto-update check
    • For Script
      • Added in 1.1.7
  • Rewrite the update procedure
    • Done in 1.2.2
  • Add support to deploy in Docker
  • Added support for CentOS 7
    • Added in 1.2.4 (Docker option not supported yet)
  • Add option for custom IP and Port
  • Add Docker support for CentOS
  • Add support for Fedora
  • Added prompt to install redhat-lsb/lsb-release if not installed.
  • Added support for Ubuntu 18.10
  • Changed script update function
  • Added service and docker status indicators
  • Changed update procedure to avoid "Detached HEAD state"
  • Added external_port to config.yml Configuration
    • Changed update check on first run to exclude notes (since curl might not be installed)
    • external_port will be set to 443 if https_only = true, else < blank > (assuming use of reverse proxy with https.)
    • Set default domain to since option now is blank in config. (blank domain doesn't work on local instance)
    • Created IRC Channel on
    • Changed in 1.3.1
  • Ignore config.yml on install and update.

Possible options


  • Support for auto-update check
    • For Invidious
  • Support for database backup

Compatibility and Requirements

  • Debian 8 and later
  • Ubuntu 16.04 and later
  • CentOS 7
  • Fedora 29


Feature request and bug reports


  • PayPal me
  • [BTC] : 3MV69DmhzCqwUnbryeHrKDQxBaM724iJC2
  • [BCH] : qznnyvpxym7a8he2ps9m6l44s373fecfnv86h2vwq2

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*** Use at own risk ***


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MIT License

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