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A Chrome extension to fight addicting websites by slowing them down to get your focus back
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Anti-Addiction Chrome Extension

Free yourself from digital addiction by slowing down websites that are trying to steal your focus. Get it free on the Chrome Extension Store.

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Bugs? Ideas?

Create a new issue by going to Issues -> New Issue! Please try to be as comprehensive as possible, especially when reporting bugs. For example, what Operating System your computer is running, what version of Chrome you're using, and steps we can take to reliably reproduce the bug. This will help us fix the bug faster!


Running on your computer

Go to chrome://extensions/, make sure developer mode is enabled, click "load unpacked extension" and select this repo's main folder.


To compress for deploying:

  • bump the version number in manifest.json and options.js
  • commit changes to master
  • run this from the repository root directory: git archive -o HEAD

Then, upload to the Chrome Developer Dashboard

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