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Developer tool for web apps localization 🐁 Simple to deploy & easy to use

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We are Tolgee and we develop great tools for software localization. Get started now!


  • All in One localization solution for your App πŸ™Œ
  • Localization management platform 🎈
  • Manage screenshots πŸ“·
  • Comment on translations πŸ’¬
  • Tag keys 🏷️
  • Out of box in-context localization for web πŸŽ‰
  • Automated screenshot generation for web πŸ“·
  • Open-source πŸ”₯

For more detailed documentation about Tolgee, visit

Public roadmap

Check out our public roadmap!

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  1. tolgee-platform tolgee-platform Public

    Developer & translator friendly web-based localization platform

    Kotlin 1k 71

  2. tolgee-js tolgee-js Public

    Tolgee JavaScript libraries monorepo

    TypeScript 203 21

  3. documentation documentation Public

    Website and documentation of Tolgee Platform and its integrations

    TypeScript 9 15

  4. tolgee-cli tolgee-cli Public

    The Tolgee CLI

    TypeScript 8 7


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