look your Hazelcast cluster in the face!
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look your Hazelcast cluster in the face!

What do you mean?

hface braindump

The Gist

hface monitors a Hazelcast cluster in real time. It currently supports maps, multimaps and queues. Support for other distributed data structures is coming.

In order to monitor a remote Hazelcast cluster add an 8K jar dependency to it:

Clojars Project



it will be collecting the stats from all the nodes and will be sending these stats to hface for aggregation and visual pleasure. Here is an example of a simple Hazelcast server node with an hface client dependency.


This is what hface dash currently looks like as it monitors the cluster:

hface dash


All the stats are also available in JSON via /stats:

Hazelcast cluster stats

Run it

hface config

hface dashboard relies on a small configuraion file that can be pointed to by -Dconf=path-to-config. Here is a sample config:

{:collector {:refresh-interval 4}                       ;; refresh cluster stats every 4 seconds
 :hz-client {:hosts ["" ""]           ;; hazelcast cluster hosts/ips
             :retry-ms 5000                             ;; retry to reconnect in 5 seconds
             :retry-max 720000                          ;; 720000 * 5000 = one hour
             :group-name "dev"                          ;; creds to the cluster (dev/dev-pass are hz defaults)
             :group-password "dev-pass"}}

from sources

  • clone the repo (e.g. git clone https://github.com/tolitius/hface.git)
  • cd hface/dash
  • lein ring uberjar
  • java -jar -Dconf=/path-to/hface.conf target/hface-dash.jar

then, for joy, go to http://localhost:3000/


Copyright © 2018 tolitius

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.