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What is it?

A very simple implementation of tetris for UEFI platform.

For a rationale, see the essay (in polish)

For a deeper insight into implementation, see the report (also in polish)

Building and launching the application

Use the Visual Studio solution located under NT32/NT32.sln, note that path to the project mustn't contain spaces, otherwise the compilation will fail. After the initial build EDK_II/Conf/target.txt will be created, MAX_CONCURRENT_THREAD_NUMBER value should be adjusted according to its description to optimize the building process.

Project may be launched directly from Visual Studio (f5 by default). One console window and two EFI shell windows should appear upon launch, then:

  • select one of the windows with EFI shell
  • select filesystem by typing f8:
  • execute tetris.efi


The implementation is largely based on