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Mark quickfix & location list items with signs
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Display |signs| at interesting lines:

    - items in the |quickfix| and |location-lists| (e.g. compilation errors)
    - |marks| a-zA-Z
    - changes (given the file is under a VCS like git, svn, mercurial, 
      or bazaar -- see |g:tlib#vcs#def| for a list of supported VCSs)
    - breakpoints: vim, R (if rer_vim is installed)
    - cursor position
    - relative line numbers (show numbers only until the cursor moves; 
      this requires that you add the following command to |vimrc|: >
        noremap <silent> <leader><c-l> :call quickfixsigns#RelNumbersOnce()<cr>
    - long lines (see |g:quickfixsigns_class_longlines| for details)
<    - etc.

Other lists can be configured via the |g:quickfixsigns_lists| variable.

The text attached to a quickfix or location-list entry is displayed in a 
balloon via 'balloonexpr'.
NOTE: This could cause a conflict with other plugins that make use of 

If you want nicer looking images instead of the ASCII markers, you have 
to change the following signs' definition either in your |vimrc| file or 
in $VIMFILES/after/plugin/quickfixsigns.vim (by use of |sign-define|):

    QFS_QFL ... Entries in the |quickfix| list
    QFS_LOC ... Entries in the |location-list|
    QFS_Mark_[a-zA-Z] ... Marks
    QFS_CURSOR ... Current cursor position
    QFS_BREAKPOINT ... Breakpoints
    QFS_REL_x ... Relative line numbers
    QFS_VCS_{ADD,DEL,CHANGE} ... VCS changes (see also 

Adding new sign classes~

VIM plugin developers can easily define new sign classes:

    1. Add the NAME of your sign class to |g:quickfixsigns_classes|
    2. Define a variable g:quickfixsigns_class_{NAME} -- a dictionary that 
       contains at least the following keys: sign, get. See 
       |g:quickfixsigns_classes| for further details.

On startup any files matching autoload/quickfixsigns/*.vim in the 
'runtimepath' are loaded. When the sign class is defined in an |autoload| file, 
you should first check whether NAME is included in |g:quickfixsigns_classes|. 
See ../autoload/quickfixsigns/breakpoints.vim for a working example.

CAVEAT: If the "get" expression entails running an external program, "event" 
should not contain |FocusGained| and |FocusLost| events.

quickfixsigns includes some icons from the open icon library. See for details.


License: GPLv3 or later
Install: See
See for related plugins.

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