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* Install from GIT
There are several ways to install plugins from source code repository
(e.g. github). The easiest way is to install it as "bundle". In order to
do so, clone the source code repository to
''~/.vim/bundles/PLUGIN_NAME'' -- on Windows replace ".vim" with
"vimfiles". The directory structure should then look something like
#Verb <<
.vim/ (or vimfiles on Windows)
The ''pathogen'' plugin probably is the simplest way to make such
"bundles" work. Please see also
for additional information.
Alternative solutions are described below.
** Use macros/tplugin.vim
1. Save a copy of the tplugin_vim repository
( under
#Verb <<
cd ~/.vim/bundles
git clone git://
2. Insert the following line rather at the beginning of your
''vimrc'' file:
#Verb <<
runtime bundles/tplugin_vim/macros/tplugin.vim
3. In VIM, run '':TPluginScan!''
4. Restart vim. VIM should now load stub definitions for all
commands defined in plugins under the ../bundels directory.
See for details.
** Use Marc Weber's vim-addon-manager
See for details. You can
also use the addon manager to download the plugins from github for you.
** Modify the ''runtimepath'' (e.g. with the pathogen plugin)
Add the path to the local copy to 'runtimepath':
#Code <<
set runtimepath+={PATH TO YOU LOCAL COPY}/vimtlib
** Use symbolic links
EXPERIMENTAL: You can use the file to copy files from
a local copy of a repository to a master .vim directory. Example: --update vimtlib/*_vim
See " --help" for details.
J. Sukumaran provides a slightly simpler script at:
You could use tools like graft
( for this.
** Build vimballs
Vimball recipes for the following plugins are located in the vimballs
In the ruby subdirectory, there is a ruby-based script that helps
automating this process. If you have ruby installed, type
''...vimtlib/ruby/vimball.rb -h'' to find out which command-line options
to use. Re-generate all vimballs with ''make -f Makefile_vimtlib
VIMTLIB=... vba''.
See also:
- [[]\
[\VimBall plugin]]
- [[]\
[Using \VimBall with make]]
- [[]\
[C-based program to handle vimballs]]
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