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EdiZon SE

This fork is based on the foundation of EdiZon 3.1 nightly. The changes made are on the game memory hack aspect.

Here are the added features:

  1. Range search.
  2. Compare with previous value search.
  3. Bookmark memory location found.
  4. Speed enhancement to make small integer value in first search practicle.
  5. Bookmark adjust to changing main and heap start address on subsequent launch of the game. Bookmark with pointer chain attached updates memory address dynamically when the chain is able to resolve into a valid memory address.
  6. Extract memory address from dmnt cheat code and add it to bookmark for exploration of the memory location.
  7. Rebase feature to extract potential pointer chain form dmnt cheat code made for previous version of the game.
  8. In app pointer chain search for address on bookmark.
  9. Export dump to PC app (forked from pointersearcher 0.4) for more powerful pointer chain search.
  10. Import PC app search result for validation and testing.
  11. Create dmnt cheat code from pointer chain found.
  12. Ability to detach dmnt from game process.
  13. Adding/Removing conditional button to cheat code.
  14. Multi target search for faster convergencence when the data structure is known.
  15. Memory explorer to look at the memory data structure, follow pointer chain and edit pointer chain.

PS: Please refer to for instructions on how to use the app.

To establish common base for support please start from a clean boot with the latest atmosphere and only Sigpatches needed to run the game and latest releases from Please state the url you downloaded from. No extra software unless it is related to the topic underdiscussoin.

For support with the usage of EdiZon SE Join my discord server

Original functinality of Edizon on game save is available when launched without a game running.

Latest Release

The save management and editing part of the original is mostly unmodified except now you only see the save game functionality if you enter when no game is running and only the last game is display if there was a last game. To see all the games enter into "cheat" when no game is running and the next time EdiZon SE is launched all the game save will appear.

Original functionaliy present but not being develop upon:

  • Save file management
    • Extraction of game saves.
    • Injection of extracted game saves (Your own and your friends save files).
    • Uploading of savefiles directly to
    • Batch extraction of all save files of all games on the system.
  • Save file editing
    • Easy to use, scriptable and easily expandable on-console save editing.
      • Lua and Python script support.
    • Built-in save editor updater.

How to install

  1. Download the latest release from
  2. Unpack the downloaded zip file, put the files on your Nintendo Switch's SD card and let the folders merge.
  3. Use a free open source CFW like Atmosph猫re to launch the hbmenu and start EdiZon from there.
    1. If you want to use the cheat manager you absolutely have to use Atmosph猫re as only their cheats are supported.
    2. For the best experience, open the /atmosphere/system_settings.ini file and change dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x1 to dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x0. If the file does not exist you can copy the template from /atmosphere/config_templates/system_settings.ini and change the line, remember to remove the ";" in front.

Trouble shooting

There are a few things that affects your switch environment.

  1. Atmosphere version. All version before 3.8.17 is not compatible with atm 19.
  2. How you boot. I use fusee primary. Try using fusee primary until trouble shooting is done.
  3. Atmosphere and sept directory that has contents from previous installation. If you didn't delete these two directories before you copy over the new one there may be left over from previous installation that has problem.
  4. SD card corruption. If you have exfat corruption is a matter of time.
  5. Sysmodules running in the background. Sysmodules can interfere with edizon se. Use sysmodule manager in edizon se (available from 3.8.16) to disable all the sysmodules to see if that solves the problem.
  6. Deleted edizon files. You can delete everything in \switch\edizon but if you delete some and leave others depending on what you leave behind and what you deleted edizon may end up in a infinite loop looking for the some deleted stuff. To know what you can safely delete you can learn by trial and error or just delete everything and start from default.
  7. Missing /atmosphere/config/system_settings.ini. If you don't have this file cheat codes are all turn on by default and most cheat codes were not design to be all turned on at the same time. If you have no clue how to create this file sysmodule manager will offer to create it for you (available from 3.8.17) with code default to off and toggle file creation on.
  8. Bad file in /atmosphere/config/. Make sure you know what you are doing. Anything wrong here can severely affect the operation of atmosphere.
  9. The cheat code you use. Check the cheat file you are using. Disable all cheats before you start the game. You can quickly call up edizon se while the game is still booting check that the cheats are all off. After the game boots up to where you want to use the cheats check which one may be causing the problem. You should suspect every cheat code until you have tested it throughly.

How to turn off sysmodule

  1. Launch EdiZon SE without game. Press L. Press Y. Use A to toggle off sysmodules. Press "Home" to exit back to home screen.

How to compile

  1. Clone the EdiZon SE repo to your computer using git clone
  2. Download and install devkitA64. It comes bundled with the devkitPro toolchain.
  3. Use the pacman package manager that comes with devkitPro to download and install libNX, portlibs (switch-portlibs) and freetype2 (switch-freetype).
  4. The rest of the compilation works using the make command.


For support with the usage of EdiZon SE Join my discord server or for support with the creation of save editor configs and scripts join the original EdiZon server on Discord:


Thanks to...

  • devkitPro for their amazing toolchain!
  • 3096 for save dumping/injecting
  • Bernardo Giordano for some code from Checkpoint.
  • SwitchBrew for the Homebrew Launcher GUI and shared font code.
  • thomasnet-mc for most of the save backup and restore code and the updater script.
  • trueicecold for batch backups and the editable-only mode.
  • onepiecefreak for the edizon debugger and LOTS of reviewing implementations.
  • Jojo for the Travis CI configuration and the config creator.
  • Ac_K for help with the server side update scripts and the EdiZon save website.
  • jakibaki for her massive help with the implementation of RAM editing and sys-netcheat which was used as inspiration.
  • SciresM for the aarch64 hardware accelerated SHA256 code, his implementation of the Atmosph猫re cheat engine and his support during development.
  • kardch for the beautiful current icon.
  • bernv3 for the beautiful old icon.
  • All config creators for bringing this project to life!

  • nlohmann for his great json library.
  • Martin J. Fiedler for the nanojpeg JPEG decoding library.
  • Lua for their scripting language.
  • Python and nx-python for their scripting language respectively their python port to the switch.