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a .net core library for nice console UI
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Finch logo


A .net core library for nice console UI

Platform .net core NuGet not yet License MIT


In order of implementation plans...

Level 1: extended console interface

  • move cursor around
  • enable special formatting operators
  • set colors
  • etc...

Level 2: screen buffer

  • batch changes and flush them in one-call to the screen
  • support for media content

Level 3: GUI toolkit

  • borders, windows, labels, buttons and more
  • simple window management system
  • maybe basic xaml support?

How to build

Hit F5.




Why "Finch"?

Wasn't Finch a WindowsUI/Composition library before?

Yes it was, but I abandoned that as the planned features either became part of the Windows SDK or the official WindowsUI toolkit.

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