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tony 🔧 Use flake8 as pyls / python language server config source
Wasn't detecting line length from flake8 config in setup.cfg.
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Lessons from having a complex vim config: don't do it

It's a time sink.

Having the vim configuration break all the time, and pasting in "nice to have" stuff has caused me more disruption / harm than it has benefitted me. I'm trying to turn my VIM into a lean editing system, and just learning plain-old VIM more effectively.

If you want to go back to where I used to be to look feel free to see: https://github.com/tony/vim-config-framework/tree/2018-06-09

I'm hoping to have a happier, healthier VIM experience, life, etc. with a simple vim config.

Please check out:



Vendorizes sensible.vim, see license permission.