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Minimalist, modular, commented, lazy-loading vim / neovim config framework

The major difficulties with dot vim configurations is they become too complex to debug, make too many opinions and are unfriendly to merging upstream changes.

Minimalist defaults

The config scans all files with .vim extension in the first first level of these directories:

  • settings/ - vim settings

(So, if you add a file settings/hiworld.vim, it will always be loaded.)

Optionally, if you want package management:

  • plugins.d/ - Plug package declarations
  • plugins.settings/ - plugin settings

If you have a file ending with .vim in plugins.d, Plug will be installed on your behalf, as well as all Plug packages in plugins.d.

Community bundle declarations and settings

  • settings/contrib/
  • plugins.d/contrib/
  • plugins.settings/contrib/

are community settings you can decide to symbolic link or copy into your personal settings in settings/*.vim, plugins.d/*.vim and plugins.settings/*.vim as you choose.

The added benefit is these Plug declarations, bundle settings and bundles are designed to degrade gracefully, lazily load depending on the system stack, etc. Pull requests are welcome to keep these continually improved, but they are entirely optional.

  • Put all your bundle (addons you want to install and use in plugins.d/*.vim (name any file you'd like) and it gets scanned in.
  • Put all your settings files in settings/*.vim (name any file you'd like) and it gets scanned in.
  • Symlink community bundle configs from plugins.d/contrib/ to contrib/, or customize yourself manually. See plugins.d/README.rst for more.
  • Lazy-loading vim plugins via Plug.
  • Lazy-loading vim plugins via checking your systems stack
  • Lazy-loading of plugin settings via plugins.settings.
  • Automated compilation of plugins (partial)


Hooks / Files

These conventions are derived from spf13. In order of sourcing:

  • ~/.vimrc.before - ran before config
  • ~/.vimrc.fork
  • ~/.vimrc.local
  • ~/.gvimrc.local - only for gtk