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try close method to close FDs in IOLoop

If an object has a `close` method, use that first,
then fallback on `os.close`.

This is useful in subclasses that support polling things (zmq sockets, specifically)
that are not simple FDs (and Jython, I hear?).
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1 parent 688afb5 commit a4279d24a9cd7dacfa3f9aa410a5272ed26ba8bb @minrk minrk committed Apr 15, 2013
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@@ -505,7 +505,10 @@ def close(self, all_fds=False):
if all_fds:
for fd in self._handlers.keys():
- os.close(fd)
+ try:
+ fd.close()
+ except AttributeError:
+ os.close(fd)
except Exception:
gen_log.debug("error closing fd %s", fd, exc_info=True)

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