Simple and fast tool to import XML spritesheets (TextureAtlas) into Unity3D
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Simple and fast tool to import XML spritesheets (TextureAtlas) into Unity3D!

Preview Image

Works very well to import Kenney's sprite assets!


  • Copy this folder to your project's assets directory, or just use the latest .unitypackage file from the Github project's releases, or the Unity3D asset store!
  • You can now use the Assets/Slice Sprite Using XML button!
  • This will open a window.
  • Select any sprite asset in your Project window
  • If it has a XML file with the same name next to it, that XML file will automatically be selected
  • Otherwise, drag-drop the XML file reference onto the XML Source field in the Texture Atlas Slicer window
  • Configure the pivot settings
  • Hit Slice!
  • Enjoy! :D