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A tool for generating social-media news feeds from GitLab activities
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Trambar is a companion tool for GitLab. It lets you transform your GitLab activity log into a Facebook-style news feed, making the information more accessible to those without a programming background. It provides greater transparency to your software development process, with the aim of fostering trust between programmers and other stakeholders.

Trambar is designed to work with self-hosted instances of GitLab. It's not possible currently to pair it with an account at


  • Real-time updates as changes occurs
  • Monitoring of multiple repositories
  • Source-tree annotation
  • Accessible to external users through Facebook and other OAuth providers
  • Exporting videos from mobile phone into GitLab's issue tracker
  • Responsive user-interface
  • Support for languages other than English
  • Mobile notification
  • App for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone
  • Easy deployment using Docker
  • Designed to run on cloud
  • Designed with device loss in mind
  • Designed to leave you in control of your own data
  • Completely open-source


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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