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PDF to EPUB3 Fixed Layout converter
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pdf2fxl – A PDF to Fixed Layout EPUB Converter


  1. Poppler, in particular poppler’s pdftohtml binary
  2. ImageMagick

Poppler and ImageMagick are available for many package managers, including Cygwin’s. We made sure that the Bash front-end script runs on the Oracle Java for Windows / Cygwin combo. We have also tried to avoid utilities/options such as readlink -f that are known to not work on vanilla Mac OS X / BSD systems. However, we didn’t try it yet on a Mac and we’d like to hear from you whether it’s woking there.

The other prerequisites are Java 1.7 (or newer) and bash.

Clone the repository

It's necessary to clone the repository with the --recursive option to include the Git submodules.

git clone --recursive


./pdf2fxl sample/demojam.pdf -d -e

pdf2fxl {PDF}

switch options
-z zoom factor
-o custom output directory
-r raster text as image
-e create epub
-p omit poppler
-d turn debug mode on
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