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GTK+ for Windows Runtime Environment Installer: 64-bit

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This repository is a fork of the GTK+ for Windows Runtime Environment Installer that was originally created by Alexander Shaduri. My efforts here will focus on creating a 64-bit version of the GTK+-2 runtime that he has been providing so far, using up to date versions of GTK+ and its dependencies. Recently I have also created a 64-bit GTK+-3 runtime package. All packages now contain Gtkmm and its dependencies too. Since the GTK+ developers recently dropped support for stock icons (a mistake of epic proportions IMHO...), I added the Adwaita icon theme to the GTK+-3 runtime, so you can still enjoy pretty filechooserdialogs etc! I have also added a couple of commonly used libraries such as libxml++, libxslt, gtksourceview, libsoup and sqlite.

The installers can be found in the releases section.

The current releases (gtk2-runtime-2.24.32-2020-05-19-ts-win64.exe and gtk3-runtime-3.24.18-2020-05-19-ts-win64.exe) were obtained entirely from the excellent MSYS2 project, and were not compiled by myself, as was the case for releases made before 2017. Users who want to compile against this runtime are strongly encouraged to set up a MSYS2 installation themselves, and install the required packages (compiled with the mingw-w64-x86_64 toolchain!!!).

The following packages are included in the current GTK+-2/3 installers

For all other information regarding how to use the installer, the reader is kindly referred to Alexander Shaduri's website of the GTK for Windows runtime environment installer. The only difference with the installers found at his website is that mine DO NOT have the compatdlls option, but this should present no problems to any user.

Personally I use this installer in my XMI-MSIM project. You may want to have a look at my Inno Setup (new) and NSIS (old) based installers.

Those interested in scientific plotting using Gtkmm3 may want to have a look at my project Gtkmm-PLplot. Documentation and examples can be found here

If you have enjoyed using this project, please consider making a donation or buying something off my Amazon Wish list.

Tom Schoonjans

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