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jasnell commented Sep 18, 2020

@addaleax @nodejs/workers ... The following segfaults on master and 14.x ...

I'll be investigating shortly...

'use strict';

const { createSecretKey } = require('crypto');

const { Worker, isMainThread, workerData } = require('worker_threads');

if (isMainThread) {
  const key = createSecretKey(Buffer.from('hello'));
  new Worker(__filename, { workerData: key });
} else {
marek-safar commented Jul 30, 2019

We can build much smaller Mono runtime for .NET Core purposes by simply removing code we don't need in this configuration. We did a few easy initial steps but we can go much further.

This list is not comprehensive but parts like

  • Culture Data
  • Any PAL related code
  • Unused icalls
sunlili commented Jun 8, 2020

I run following code in ch 1.11.19(debug),and it will crash by an assertion.

let b = [1.1, 2.2, 3.3];
b[4294967294] = 3;, 0, 1);

Crash output:

ASSERTION 7690: (/.../ChakraCore-1.11.19/lib/Runtime/Library/JavascriptArray.cpp, line 9309) direction == -1 || (fromVal + count < MaxArrayLength && toVal + count < MaxArrayLength)
 Failure: (d

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