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This project is currently being developed elsewhere. The development efforts have moved to private servers. This repository will only receive some security and major bug fixes.

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core Business Operating System

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coreBOS is a very flexible and powerful software application designed to easily adapt to the requirements of your business. In other words, a business software capable of managing the everyday needs of your business.

To accomplish such a gigantic task it has many mechanisms to make your work easy and productive while giving implementors and administrators the power to configure and adapt the software to the immense variety of business situations it may be applied to. In other words, it can do all the easy stuff like track your clients' information, their business opportunities, their quotes and invoices, and even add your entities to save specific information that your business needs, but it does all the hard stuff too; business process management is easy with a powerful workflow automation engine, ticket management with Kanban, extensive reporting options, including Pivot tables and an incredible set of customizations options to convert the base application into the software application your company needs, because, your company is not the same as any other.

It comes with many integrations out of the box; Decision Tables (DMN), WhatsApp, SendGrid, Google Measurement, ElasticSearch, Woocommerce, Mautic, ClickHouse, Facebook, OneSignal, Make, and a subsystem to call external APIs, among many many others.

It can also be used as a pure backend for any kind of front-end application thanks to its powerful API. Joining the many API functionalities with the native automation options make it an ideal and trustworthy place to save and manage your data.

With a business-friendly license and a fully open source philosophy where your data and your customizations are always yours, coreBOS can cover the needs of a very wide range of market segments and also serve as a base for implementors to service their clients.

coreBOS is backed by a small but consistent community and patronized by TSolucio and AT Consulting who not only base their business on this software but give it the power and stability to move into the future with confidence.

We invite you to give it a try and dedicate a few hours to reading the blog, the forum and our Gitter channel to understand the power this application has and the many things it can do.

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Thank you very much for your help and contribution.

coreBOS Team