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pqhf5kd commented Nov 4, 2019

Can the 'Search and select an existing contact' dropdown box from the 'Add a new relationship' form also be used for the 'Has someone introduced you' dropdown on the 'How did you meet' form?

I'm only at 175 contacts and it's very frustrating trying to select someone to the 'Has someone introduced you' field.

barredterra commented Mar 4, 2022

Information about bug


  1. Open the report "Employee Billing Summary"
  2. Select an Employee


TypeError: '<' not supported between instances of 'NoneType' and 'datetime.datetime'

See Stacktrace below




ERPNext: v13.21.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.21.0 (version-13)

Installation method

manual insta

bug good first issue projects
eldy commented Jun 28, 2022

Feature Request

Enhance function build_rssfile() to add image tag in RSS stream
Param $events_array can be a simple array (we can add a key "image" to provide the image and output it into RSS if defined)
or an array of object WebsitePage (in such case, we already have a property image into each object).

To test a rss, just create a website from Dolibarr CMS, create a page with type "bl

Feature request hacktoberfest good first issue
peterkappelt commented Dec 29, 2020

Hey everyone, I hope y'all enjoyed your holidays.
I want to create SuiteCRM users via the V8 api, but the response is invalid json and contains some generic validation error message.

I'm not sure whether my request is actually malformed or the error message just shouldn't appear.

Type:Suggestion Priority:Moderate Area: Module Help Wanted


  • Updated Jun 26, 2022
  • JavaScript

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