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:atom: A collection of custom Atom file-type icons
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A collection of custom file-type icons for Atom



I have been using Atom as my go-to editor for a little while now and even developed a few packages. Though, I enjoy many of Atom's "hackable" aspects, looking through the files of a large projects can be tedious and it can be difficult to discern different file-types. In response, I've created these icons to be tastefully unique, while also enabling users to navigate projects with ease. I will be creating icons for more file-types in the future, so if you like these make sure to check back soon!
Note: If you'd like to request an icon for a new file-type, make sure to submit your suggestions here. I'll do my best to fulfill any submitted icon requests, but also feel free to create/contribute your own using the provided Illustrator file.


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