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travisdowns commented Aug 16, 2018

For example, it seems like .travis.yml uses cmake (for the tests), so this is a cmake project that pops out a library that I should link against (it seems not - cmake is just for tests?)? If I look at a module like cpu that has cpu.h and cpu.c do I just drop those into my project (probably not that simple since they may depend on other modules)?

Maybe something like a default-use case s

jaccozilla commented Sep 6, 2018

It would be helpful to have a README section comparing atomicfu vs Java Atomics. The current readme states:

Code it like AtomicReference/Int/Long, but run it in production efficiently as AtomicXxxFieldUpdater on Kotlin/JVM and as plain unboxed values on Kotlin/JS.

It would be helpful to have more information on why AtomicXxxFieldUpdater is more efficient then Java Atomics on Kotlin/JVM. Al

🍀 Go basic library. || Go语言基础库。包含日志,内存池,断言,string,字节切片,一致性哈希,版本信息,大小端,原子操作,json,协程池,整型数组压缩,限速器,带宽计算,网络连接对象,文件批处理,对象唯一ID,分布式ID,md5,mock,stub等内容。

  • Updated Jan 26, 2020
  • Go

[mirror] Go语言开发的基于DRH(Deep-Re-Hash)深度哈希分区算法的高性能高可用Key-Value嵌入式事务数据库。基于纯Go语言实现,具有优异的跨平台性,良好的高可用及文件IO复用设计,高效的底层数据库文件操作性能,支持原子操作、批量操作、事务操作、多表操作、多表事务、随机遍历等特性。

  • Updated Jan 21, 2020
  • Go

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