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May 25, 2018
May 25, 2018

Turtl project tracker

This repo exists to track all bugs, issues, features requests, and status for the entire Turtl project.

The idea is that many times, users/issue reporters don't know which repo to open the issue on or where to look for project status. This is the attempt to solve this problem by centralizing everything into one place.

See our contributing guide.

Turtl components

Here are the main pieces of Turtl and how they all fit together. Note that this pertains to the v0.7.x release and up, it does not apply to the v0.6 releases or older.

  • core
    The Turtl core houses all the low-level logic for the client app. It runs the crypto, the syncing, and the managing of all the user data.
  • server
    The Turtl server is a piece separate from the client that's responsible for managing user accounts, storing and syncing data, and access restrictions. This is the piece the core talks to to log a user in or to grab or update the user's profile.
  • js
    This is the Turtl HTML5 frontend. It currently serves as the UI for both the desktop and mobile clients.
  • desktop
    This is an Electron wrapper around the js project that packages Turtl for Windows, Linux, and OSx.
  • mobile
    This is a Cordova wrapper around the js project that packages Turtl for Android (and soon iOS).
  • browser-extension
    This is a Firefox/Chrome (and possibly others) browser extension that talks to the desktop app and provides web clipping and bookmarking.
  • lib-permissions
    A small library that allows the server and the core to share a common set of user roles and permissions.


This project is for tracking issues, bug reports, and progress on the entire Turtl project.



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