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DepositOnce is the institutional repository of Technische Universität Berlin. It is based on DSpace. The branch depositonce-6.2x contains the derived source code we use at TU Berlin, containing all our local changes and customizations. While we try to give back as much source code as possible to DSpace, sometimes we lack the time to do so, sometimes we think our changes are too specific to be ported back to the main line. In the branch depositonce-6.2x you find all our local changes.

Most of the other branches in this repository were used to file pull requests to contribute code to DSpace. More information about DSpace can be found on http://www.dspace.org and in DSpace's official git repository.


DSpace source code is freely available under a standard BSD 3-Clause license, so is the source code of DepositOnce. The full license is available at http://www.dspace.org/license/