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A prototype implementation of a Bazel persistent worker wrapping GHC. It uses GHC API for serving compilation requests from Bazel. Subject of merge into rules_haskell (now it's in the worker branch).


Current implementation does the simplest thing possible: it restarts GHC to serve every request; technically: every request implies a separate call to runGhc. Note that a request here means building one Bazel target, that is, a Haskell binary or Haskell library.

Even simple “full restart” approach brings 10–15% speedup on a certain simple benchmark project. We should do better though. There are several possible avenues for improvement.

Idea 1: Caching (Parts of) GHC Startup

There should be a way to profit from the warm startup vs the cold one. One idea I've been pursuing specifically: cache loading package databases. It requires GHC to export some more internals in the API. Subject to a GHC ticket/proposal.

Idea 2: Incremental Builds

A worker should be able to cache resulting artifacts. Later on, when it recieves a request to build an input with a known digest (hash), it should return the corresponding artifact straight away.

This idea implemented in several other workers (Swift, Kotlin, rules_scala_anex), but not in all (or majority) of them.


cabal new-test

should show off a simple example of building tests/hello.hs.


Because cabal new-build still have rough corners, you have to install stuff manually before calling it. There are two steps.

First, get proto-lens-protoc:

cabal new-install proto-lens-protoc

(~/.cabal/bin should be in your path)

Second, get protoc.

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