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OpenVBX is a web-based open source phone system for business.
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  • Web Server
  • PHP 5.2.3+
  • MySQL 5+
  • Twilio Account


Please see INSTALL.markdown

Bug Reporting Guidelines

Report issues to:

Title: A brief description of the story

  1. A full summary of the problem.
  2. Steps to reproduce
  3. Possible solution (optional)

For a list of common/known issues see the Troubleshooting Guide/Common Issues Page

Contributing to OpenVBX

When working on OpenVBX try to work on the develop branch. This is where all work is done before being completed and merged in to master. No work goes directly to master.

To open a pull request against OpenVBX open it from your develop branch on to the main develop branch. We will end up pulling any requests against master in to a feature branch off of develop before merging the pull request.


"OpenVBX" and "Twilio" are trademarks of Twilio, Inc., all rights reserved. If you want to say something like "Powered by Twilio" or "Powered by OpenVBX" we'd be honored. If you want to redistribute OpenVBX or the iPhone app, you must come up with your own product name. Use of the Twilio trademarks in your product name requires Twilio's written permission.

More Information

Pineapple and gravy.

Please remember that your use of OpenVBX in connection with the Twilio website and services is subject to the Twilio Terms of Service. Remember that you bear sole responsibility for adequate security, protection and backup of your content, software, servers and systems in connection with your use of OpenVBX and the Twilio services. We strongly encourage you to use encryption and other customary security technology to protect your content, software, servers and systems from unauthorized access or use and to routinely archive and back-up your content and other materials. Twilio will have no liability or responsibility for any unauthorized access or use, corruption, deletion, destruction or loss of any of your content, software, servers or systems. You acknowledge that you are responsible for any charges incurred by virtue of your use (or any other use under your account) of the Twilio applications and services, whether or not authorized and whether or not the application acted in error.

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