OpenVBX Troubleshooting Common Issues

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Troubleshooting Guide/Common Issues

Below are some of the common known issues with OpenVBX and how to handle them. If the steps below don't help please open a ticket in the GitHub Issue Tracker or the GetStatisfaction Forums.

Long page load times

Some installs with large amounts of phone numbers may notice long page load times for a couple of reasons.

  • A faulty look-up for a pin number on a phone number resource. This is a left over from the days when Twilio supplied a Sandbox number for development.
  • A cache storage field in the database not being large enough for phone number lists greater than 300 numbers.

Both of these issues exist up to version 1.2.11 and will be fixed in the next release after that.

Pages not loading after install or cannot complete the install

If you are experiencing odd behavior during or after the install and you have installed OpenVBX in a subdirectory of your web root you probably need to modify the .htaccess file to reflect this setup.

If the root of your OpenVBX directory you will have a file named .htaccess (you may need to turn on an option to show hidden files in your FTP application to see this file). In this file is a line that reads:

# RewriteBase /subdir

Update this line and remove the leading # and change the /subdir to be the directory name in which you installed OpenVBX, including a leading /. It should read like this:

RewriteBase /your-openvbx-dir

If you make this change and still experience strange issues please open a ticket on the OpenVBX support forums.

Install Warns That the .htaccess File is Missing

This can happen during FTP upload if you can't see hidden files on the host OS or if hidden files are not transferred by the FTP application used.

This is easy to fix: There is a file distributed with OpenVBX named htaccess_dist that is a copy of the .htaccess file. Copy this file and rename it to .htaccess (the leading period is required here) to correct the problem.

Cannot Delete Flow

OpenVBX uses HTTP PUT & DELETE in a few places. Some web hosts don't support HTTP PUT & DELETE. If other operations are functioning correctly then this is most likely the issue. We're working on removing this dependency in an upcoming update. Please open a thread on Get Satisfaction to let us know what web host you are using so that we can keep tabs on where we should expect issues with the current version of OpenVBX.

"Application Not Found" when using the Browser Phone

Check your Application settings in your Twilio Account portal. Go to your Twilio Account portal, then Click on Apps. There you should see an application beginning with OpenVBX, followed by a string of random numbers. This is the application used to control the Browser Phone's callback urls.

Click on the application's name. Here you will see the Voice and SMS Urls for the application. If either of the Voice Urls are empty then return to the OpenVBX admin, click on the Settings Navigation menu item, then on the Twilio Account tab. Click on Update at the bottom of the form and OpenVBX will update the Urls in your Twilio Account.

Return to the Twilio Account portal and confirm that the Voice Urls for the OpenVBX Application are filled in.

Do not worry if the SMS urls are empty. The Browser Phone does not use SMS and these Urls should be left empty.

"Unknown Error: 0" in OpenVBX Versions 1.1 and below

This is a communication error with Twilio. Check your Sid & Token in your settings to make sure that they are correct.

Better error messages were released in OpenVBX 1.2

Message receipt times are incorrect

Unfortunately this is a regression in Version 1.1.x from when the Time Zone picker was introduced. The time is being incorrectly parsed as UTC time so that the time conversion to your local time is off. This can be corrected by manually editing a couple of files.

Edit OpenVBX/controllers/messages/inbox.php and replace lines 276 & 277 with the following:

$date_recorded = date('Y-M-d\TH:i:s+00:00', strtotime($item->created));
$date_updated = date('Y-M-d\TH:i:s+00:00', strtotime($item->updated));

And then in OpenVBX/controllers/details.php replace lines 343 & 344 with:

'received_time' => date('Y-M-d\TH:i:s+00:00', strtotime($message->created)),
'last_updated' => date('Y-M-d\TH:i:s+00:00', strtotime($message->updated)),

This will get the times correctly normalized to your time zone. This is based on you running the latest code, 1.1.3, so previous versions may have the above code on different line numbers.

"The Phone Client is not available." on OpenVBX < 1.0.5

If you get the error

"The Phone Client is not available. Please check to make sure that you have Flash installed and that there are no Flash Blocking plugins enabled."

and you're running OpenVBX 1.0 - 1.0.4 then you need to upgrade your install to version 1.0.5 or higher.

When OpenVBX initially shipped there were issues that forced a different address for the SSL hosted version of the JS file. That file location has been deprecated and removed.

UI Elements are missing (buttons, logos, form inputs)

This can happen if the Server is not populating some necessary variables needed by Minify.php during the url rewriting portion of CSS minification.

If you're seeing this (or not seeing, as it happens) add this code to the bottom of assets/min/config.php:

 * OpenVBX specific config to load nicely from a subdirectory
 * Should help almost all hosts be compliant with our special layout

// Set the document root to be the path of the "site root"
$min_documentRoot = substr(__FILE__, 0, -15);

// Set $sitePrefix to the path of the site from the webserver's real docroot
list($sitePrefix) = explode('/min/index.php', $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'], 2);

// Prepend $sitePrefix to the rewritten URIs in CSS files
$min_symlinks['//' . ltrim($sitePrefix, '/')] = $min_documentRoot;