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Versioning Strategy

twilio-php uses a modified version of Semantic Versioning for all changes to the helper library. It is strongly encouraged that you pin at least the major version and potentially the minor version to avoid pulling in breaking changes.

Semantic Versions take the form of MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH

When bugs are fixed in the library in a backwards compatible way, the PATCH level will be incremented by one. When new features are added to the library in a backwards compatible way, the PATCH level will be incremented by one. PATCH changes should not break your code and are generally safe for upgrade.

When a new large feature set comes online or a small breaking change is introduced, the MINOR version will be incremented by one and the PATCH version reset to zero. MINOR changes may require some amount of manual code change for upgrade. These backwards-incompatible changes will generally be limited to a small number of function signature changes.

The MAJOR version is used to indicate the family of technology represented by the helper library. Breaking changes that requires extensive reworking of code will case the MAJOR version to be incremented by one, and the MINOR and PATCH versions will be reset to zero. Twilio understands that this can be very disruptive, so we will only introduce this type of breaking change when absolutely necessary. New MAJOR versions will be communicated in advance with Release Candidates and a schedule.

Supported Versions

twilio-php follows an evergreen model of support. New features and functionality will only be added to the current version. The current version - 1 will continue to be supported with bug fixes and security updates, but no new features.