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Command Line Tool for Tagging Directories
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🔖 dtags

directory tagging and navigation utility.

Dtags makes tagging, and change directories fast and easy. Add arbitrary tags to any directory, making it easy to jump back to those directories easy.


Installation consists of 3 parts.

  1. an alias in your bashrc/zshrc.
  2. bash helper script that is used to launch commands and cd to tagged directories.
  3. the guts, a go utility that does all the heavy lifting.

Download dtags and set permissions:

sudo curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/dtags
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/dtags

Install bash helper script:

dtags install

Alias: add to your bashrc/zshrc:

alias dt=". ~/.config/dtags/dt"


Command Description
<string> returns a path from a tag, cds you to the directory when called from bash helper script/alias
add add tag to current working directory
del delete tag and associated path from database, dtags doesnt care were this command is ran from
ls prints all tags and their associated directories
list lists all tags on current working directory
completion returns a list of all tags in database. (used for bash/zsh completion)
install install dt bash helper script


  • add images/gifs to readme
  • make tags case insensitive
  • zsh completion
  • bash completion
  • confirm overwrite?
  • add install script
  • add uninstall script
  • add ability to manually enter path when adding tag
  • bash helper script - make dtags path easy to change
  • add ability to add and delete multiple tags at once?
  • config file? alias name? install location? bucket name?
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