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We are cleaning up sbt plugins to have similar naming schemes, APIs, and so forth, so the new canonical home of this plugin will be:

The publish location and some of the API will change a little as well.






(Old README follows)

This plugin allows you to generate a script target/start for a project. The script will run the project "in-place" (without having to build a package first).

The target/start script is similar to sbt run but it doesn't rely on SBT. sbt run is not recommended for production use because it keeps SBT itself in-memory. target/start is intended to run an app in production.

The plugin adds a task start-script which generates target/start. It also adds a stage task, aliased to the start-script task.

stage by convention performs any tasks needed to prepare an app to be run in-place. Other plugins that use a different approach to prepare an app to run could define stage as well, while start-script is specific to this plugin.

The target/start script must be run from the root build directory (note: NOT the root project directory). This allows inter-project dependencies within your build to work properly.


To add the plugin with SBT 0.10.x, use this code to depend on it:

resolvers += {
  val typesafeRepoUrl = new"")
  val pattern = Patterns(false, "[organisation]/[module]/[sbtversion]/[revision]/[type]s/[module](-[classifier])-[revision].[ext]")
  Resolver.url("Typesafe Ivy Snapshot Repository", typesafeRepoUrl)(pattern)

libraryDependencies <<= (libraryDependencies, sbtVersion) { (deps, version) =>
  deps :+ ("com.typesafe.startscript" %% "xsbt-start-script-plugin" % "0.2.0" extra("sbtversion" -> version))

With SBT 0.11.x, you can use this simpler code:

resolvers += Classpaths.typesafeResolver

addSbtPlugin("com.typesafe.startscript" % "xsbt-start-script-plugin" % "0.5.2")

You can place that code in ~/.sbt/plugins/build.sbt to install the plugin globally, or in YOURPROJECT/project/plugins/build.sbt to install the plugin for your project.

If you install the plugin globally, it will add a command add-start-script-tasks to every project using SBT. You can run this command to add the tasks from the plugin, such as start-script (the start-script task won't exist until you add-start-script-tasks).

If you incorporate the plugin into your project, then you'll want to explicitly add the settings from the plugin, such as the start-script task, to your project. In this case there's no need to use add-start-script-tasks since you'll already add them in your build.

Here's how you add the settings from the plugin in a build.sbt:

import com.typesafe.startscript.StartScriptPlugin

seq(StartScriptPlugin.startScriptForClassesSettings: _*)

In an SBT "full configuration" you would do something like:

settings = StartScriptPlugin.startScriptForClassesSettings

You have to choose which settings to add from these options:

  • startScriptForClassesSettings (the script will run from .class files)
  • startScriptForJarSettings (the script will run from .jar file from 'package')
  • startScriptForWarSettings (the script will run a .war with Jetty)

startScriptForWarSettings requires to provide the package-war task.

If you have an aggregate project, you may want a stage task even though there's nothing to run, just so it will recurse into sub-projects. One way to get a stage task that does nothing is:

StartScriptPlugin.stage in Compile := Unit

which sets the stage key to Unit.


xsbt-start-script-plugin is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Contribution policy

Contributions via GitHub pull requests are gladly accepted from their original author. Along with any pull requests, please state that the contribution is your original work and that you license the work to the xsbt-start-script-plugin project under the project's open source license.


SBT Plugin to create a "start" script to run the program



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