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Rinse is a Python SOAP client using lxml, requests and defusedxml.

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Rinse works with both Python 2 and Python 3. Continuous integration testing is performed against the latest python 2.7, python 3.3 and python 3.4 releases.

The name "rinse" refers to its dictionary meaning, such as the act of removing soap suds from something using water.

The goal of rinse is to be a SOAP client that focuses on the minimum set of features required to make SOAP calls to services over HTTP/HTTPS. Support for common SOAP extensions including WSA (WS-Addressing) and WSSE (WS-Security) is provided. Rinse supports the WS-I Basic Profile Version 2.0 specification in principle, but takes a pragmatic approach to achieving compliance based upon further goals and constraints outlined below.

Using rinse as part of a SOAP service (SOAP server) is not supported. We recommend servers should use JSON for data interchange over RESTful HTTP(S) rather than providing SOAP services. And we're not the only ones - Google announced its plans to abandon SOAP way back in 2009.

Security is improved by using the defusedxml library to parse XML data thereby minimising risks associated with parsing and processing data from untrusted sources. TODO: SSL certificate pinning to ensure that clients using rinse only disclose information to and parse information from intended servers.

Rinse has support for validating SOAP messages against the schema specified in XSD (XML schema definition) format within a given WSDL file, but is not capable of generating SOAP service bindings at runtime. Future development may provide support for generating bindings from WSDL in the form of Python source files. Dynamic (runtime) binding is unlikely to be supported.