A live audio/video mixer based that makes use of live555 library. Official project web site
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#liveMediaStreamer - 0.2

Live Media Streamer (LMS) is a real-time streaming multimedia framework.

Check the official project web site at http://livemediastreamer.i2cat.net/

It has been developed by i2CAT Audiovisual Unit. i2CAT is a non-profit technology centre which promotes R+D+i activities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies and Future Internet. The centre invests in a new model of innovation based on collaboration between companies, public administration, the academic world and end-users, through an open innovation environment that is characteristic of the Internet culture.

LMS is licensed under GPL

Information about setup, deployment, usage and features can be checked in our Wiki

For extended usefull documentation about LMS and related softwares just follow next link

Thank you for downloading Live Media Streamer. For any doubt, question or suggestion please contact to: support.ua@i2cat.net