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This repository has been archived by the owner on Aug 1, 2022. It is now read-only.


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Ubisoft Mixer - Blender Add-on

Mixer is NOT SUPPORTED ANYMORE - it has been archived

Mixer is a Blender addon for real time collaboration in Blender. It allows multiple Blender users to work on the same scene at the same time. It was developed by the R&D department of Ubisoft Animation Studio.


Mixer screenshot



Up to December 2021 this tool was supported for LTS version of Blender 2.93 and for Blender 3.0.

It was designed in a production context and was used as an experimental tool. With the end of the project developing it Mixer is not maintained anymore.

You can use is as is. In spite of all our efforts to make it reliable, it may in some circumstances corrupt your Blender scenes data. Be aware that neither Ubisoft nor Ubisoft employees can be taken as responsible in such cases. Use it at your own risks.


Refer to the online documentation for details about current features and limitations.

Documentation and Usage

Documentation is available at the web site to :


Updates are announced in the mixer-addon Blender Chat channel.


The support repository is on the Mixer Github repository which is part of the Ubisoft open source projects group. Since the project is not maintained anymore submitted issues may not receive answers. We do appologize for the end of support.


The online documentation lists the YouTube videos posted by community members.

Feedback and contribution

Post your feedback and discuss your ideas with us on the Mixer Blender chat.

You can also get involved into the development of Mixer, discover how by reading these contribution guidelines.

License and copyright

The original code is Copyright (C) 2020 Ubisoft.

All code of the mixer package is under the GPLv3 license except code of the mixer.broadcaster sub-package, which is under the MIT license.