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Default blog theme for VuePress.
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Status: WIP

This theme is still working in progress, here are some things we're going to do, contribution welcome!

  • Mobile dropdown menu (Replacement of nav in mobile side)
  • Enhance the final palette
  • Site Map
  • Enhance the mobile-side styles
  • Built-in RSS integration
  • Built-in site map support
  • Comment integration
  • A guide to use this blog theme
  • ... And anything that you think can be better

Can't wait to see your contribution! ❤️



yarn add @vuepress/theme-blog -D
# OR npm install @vuepress/theme-blog -D


// .vuepress/config.js
module.exports = {
  theme: '@vuepress/blog',
  themeConfig: {
    // Please head documentation to see the available options.


@vuepress/theme-blog © ULIVZ, Released under the MIT License. · GitHub @ULIVZ · Twitter @_ulivz

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