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Minimize input from the meat.

By default, we now

* Create a subdirectory for the package
* Create a Makefile and app tarball in there
* Create the dmg unless told otherwise.
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1 parent a29fe30 commit 7b411e0e358f1d81b8023caabfccf30692c45418 @unixorn committed Nov 29, 2010
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  1. +33 −9 app2luggage.rb
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ def generateMakefile()
include #{$opts[:luggage_path]}
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ def generateMakefile()
if File.exist?('./Makefile') then
puts "there's already a Makefile here. Bailing out."
- exit 13
+ exit 3
else"Makefile", "w") do |content|
@@ -91,31 +91,55 @@ def bundleApplication()
opt :application, "Application to package", :type => String
- opt :create_tarball, "Create tarball for app", :default => false
+ opt :create_tarball, "Create tarball for app", :default => true
opt :debug, "Set debug level", :default => 0
+ opt :directory_name, "Directory to put Makefile, tarball & dmg into", :type => String
opt :luggage_path, "path to luggage.make", :type => String, :default => "/usr/local/share/luggage/luggage.make"
+ opt :make_dmg, "Create dmg", :default => true
opt :package_id, "Package id (no spaces!)", :type => String
opt :package_version, "Package version (numeric!)", :type => :int
opt :reverse_domain, "Your domain in reverse format, eg com.example.corp", :type => String
# Sanity check args
-Trollop::die :application, "must specify an application to package" if $opts[:application] == nil
Trollop::die :application, "#{opts[:application]} must exist" unless File.exist?($opts[:application]) if $opts[:application]
+Trollop::die :application, "must specify an application to package" if $opts[:application] == nil
Trollop::die :luggage_path, "#{opts[:luggage_path]} doesn't exist" unless File.exist?($opts[:luggage_path]) if $opts[:luggage_path]
Trollop::die :package_id, "must specify a package id" if $opts[:package_id] == nil
Trollop::die :reverse_domain, "must specify a reversed domain" if $opts[:reverse_domain] == nil
+$build_date = `date -u "+%Y-%m-%d"`.chomp
+$app_name = clean_name(File.basename($opts[:application]))
+$package_id = clean_name($opts[:package_id])
+$installed_app = File.basename($opts[:application])
+$tarball_name = "#{$app_name}.#{$build_date}.tar.bz2"
+# debuggery.
if $opts[:debug] > 0
require 'pp'
puts "$opts: #{pp $opts}"
+ puts "$package_id: #{$package_id}"
+ puts "$build_date: #{$build_date}"
+ puts "$app_name: #{$app_name}"
+ puts "$installed_app: #{$installed_app}"
+ puts "$tarball_name: #{$tarball_name}"
-$build_date = `date -u "+%Y-%m-%d"`.chomp
-$app_name = clean_name(File.basename($opts[:application]))
-$installed_app = File.basename($opts[:application])
-$tarball_name = "#{$app_name}.#{$build_date}.tar.bz2"
+if $opts[:directory_name] != nil then
+ target_dir = $opts[:directory_name]
+ target_dir = $package_id
+if then
+ puts "#{target_dir} already exists. Exiting so we don't step on your data"
+ exit 5
bundleApplication() if $opts[:create_tarball]
-puts generateMakefile()
+`sudo make dmg` if $opts[:make_dmg]

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