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In the world of PHP programming a set of trends are massively being propagated by some people (in their books and on websites) as "Modern PHP" while all other approaches are frowned upon as backwards, stupid, or just plain wrong.

These people seem to work tirelessly at getting other people to follow their way of doing things.

This is the Github repository for the website PHP - The Wrong Way that has been created in an attempt to present a pragmatic view on PHP programming. A view dictated by experience and practical consequence rather than popular trends, theory, or academic dogma.

The website is a living document and will continue to be updated with more information as it become available.

Feel free to participate!

How to Contribute

Contribute on GitHub.

  • Clone and edit (don't touch any files in /docs as they are auto generated).
  • Submit pull request for consideration.

If you have a question or just want to express your mind, feel free to use the "Issues" tab for that. Please notice that we have already discussed a lot of the concepts expressed in this document so take a look at the closed issues before you submit something.

Add a new translation

  • Add a section into the makefile
  • Update sections/*/ files and add your language in the list
  • Add inc/default_{your_language}.html5 and logo_and_date_{your_language}.txt files
  • Add a sections/{your_language} directory


A pragmatic view on PHP programming.





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