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Unpoly 2

Unobtrusive JavaScript framework for server-side applications

Unpoly enables fast and flexible frontends with minimal changes to your server-side code.

This repository is home to both the Unpoly 2 JavaScript code and its (optional) bindings for Ruby on Rails (unpoly-rails gem).

If you're looking for the code of Unpoly 0.x or 1.0, use the 1.x-stable branch.

Getting started


Running tests


  • This currently requires Ruby
  • There's a Rails app in spec_app
  • Jasmine tests for Unpoly live in spec_app/spec/javascripts
  • RSpec tests for the unpoly-rails gem live in spec_app/spec/controllers

Install dependencies for tests:

  • Install Ruby 2.3.8
  • Install Bundler by running gem install bundler
  • cd into spec_app
  • Install dependencies by running bundle install

To run Jasmine tests for Unpoly:

  • cd into spec_app
  • Start the Rails server by running rails server
  • Access http://localhost:3000/specs to see the Jasmine test runner

To run RSpec tests for the unpoly-rails gem:

  • cd into spec_app
  • Run rspec

Making a new release

We are currently feeding four release channels:

  • Manual download from GitHub
  • npm
  • Bower (which is based on Git and version tags)
  • Rubygems (as the unpoly-rails gem)

We always release to all channel simultaneously.

To prepare a new version:

  1. Edit lib/unpoly/rails/version.rb and bump the version number. Use semantic versioning.
  2. Add an entry to
  3. Commit and push the version bump and
  4. Log into Rubygems and npm

Now you can call rake release:all to publish to Rubygems and npm.

After you have published all release channels, remember to:

  1. Update so users see the new version, CDN link and CHANGELOG.
  2. Send a message to the E-mail group with the title "Unpoly X.Y.Z released". You can copy the relevant CHANGELOG part from here.