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Veramo is a JavaScript Framework for Verifiable Data that was designed to be flexible and modular which makes it an easy fit for a lot of complex workflows.

Create an agent, add plugins, run on a server or a frontend or mobile, or all of them combined. Veramo runs on Node, Browsers, and React Native straight out of the box. Save time by using the same API across all platforms.

Veramo is a core + some plugins. The core provides an entry point into the API, glues the plugins together and allows them to interoperate. Depending on which plugins you use, your instance of Veramo (your agent) can perform a variety of roles:

  • Create and manage keys for signing and encryption
  • Create and manage Decentralized Identifiers (DID)
  • Issue Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and Presentations (VPs)
  • Verify such VCs and VPs
  • Present credentials using Selective Diclosure
  • Communicate with other agents using DIDComm (or other protocols)
  • Receive, filter, store and serve data
  • Control other agents remotely, or act as a proxy for them
  • ...whatever else you can think of


See the full docs on

Also, there are a few examples and code samples that you can get from the integration test suite.


This repository contains the Veramo core package, which only becomes relevant when you add plugins to it. These plugins can be developed by anyone and Veramo provides is the glue that can make them interoperate.

We maintain some "core" plugins in this monorepo to provide some functionality "out of the box", but a lot more can be done than is present in this codebase. We encourage you to contribute feedback and fixes for everything that you see here, as well as posting about your own plugins or projects on our Discussions page or on our Discord server.

Our documentation site is also open-source, and we invite you to contribute feedback and fixes there as well.

Build Veramo locally

This monorepo uses yarn workspaces and lerna

Install dependencies

yarn install
yarn bootstrap


yarn build

Run the tests

yarn test
yarn test:watch

If you are running Visual Studio Code, there are some launch configurations available that can be used as template for step by step debugging.

Building a plugin

If you intend to write a plugin, we have made a plugin template repository that can be used to get you started. It is preconfigured with GitHub Actions for checks and automatic updates using renovate-bot so that your plugin can keep in sync with the cutting edge versions of Veramo and notify you if upcoming API changes are breaking anything. Of course, this automation will depend on the tests you write for your new plugin.

Depending on what functionality you intend to develop, some code from the template can be safely removed. The embedded comments should guide you, but if something does not make sense, please reach out.

Who's using Veramo?

Check out the awesome list of awesome projects using or extending Veramo.

Let's make it better

This framework can be used to build permissionless collaboration tools for the world. This is not an easy task, and we have a much greater chance of improving the world if we work together.

Share your feedback, your fixes, your plugins and your tools so that others may build better and better stuff based on them.