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Welcome to the Urho3D wiki!
This is the official community effort in an attempt to provide a solid, expanding knowledge base to get you started and keep you going with the Urho3D game engine. There is still a lot to be done so please share your wisdom.

Libraries that extend Urho3D.
Wishlist/Ideas Put stuff you would like to see in this wiki here!
Urho3D Wishlist Features and ideas for Urho and/or libraries/modules for Urho.


Getting started

Setting up Urho3D on Windows with Visual Studio
Setting up Urho3D on Windows with MinGW
Setting up Urho3D on Linux
Setting up Urho3D on Android
Setting up an Urho3D Project (CMake)
First Project
Urho3D Sample Platformer
Urho3D Empty Project [cf. Urho3D from scratch]


DebugHud and Profiling
3D sound source
Physic (TODO)
Sound (TODO)


Manually draw something on a texture/image
How to fix a fast object not colliding with things?
How to define 3D object in code
Manually controlling bones
Mixing/Blending Animations
Super Large Worlds
Post Processing Effects (TODO)
Changing Engine Parameters before and while running
Shipped Materials (TODO)
Texture Animation and Texture Atlases via UV changes
Inverse Kinematics

Forum Topics


Urho3D CodeBlocks Wizard
Client-side prediction subsystem
Character Controller - FPS Controller by hdunderscore
Oculus Rift support (renderer and input)
A more advanced INI parser
Raycast, getting face information from


Lightmap Generator
Lightmapping using Blender
Exporting LODs with Blender
Mesh Generator
SoftBody physics example


How to layer scenes
Managing large scenes
SplashScreen full example
Background scene loading thread
How to best generate an in-game hud
Edddy - a block-based map editor written in C++
Cutting Holes in Terrain
Terrain Editor - terrain with more capability
Vegetation in Urho3D
Choosing collision masks/layers
Moire patterns and artifacts with directional lights
How to control render order
Curved text
Way to getting depth texture in forward render path?
Loading prefabs
Streaming Navigation Meshes


Basic Material Effects For Rendering
Models dissolving like Doom 3
Outline v2
Soft Particles
Torchlight 2-ish occlusion ghosting


Configuring CodeLite for editing AS scripts
How do I make a script object in C++?
Runtime-compiled C++ in Urho3D aka “Scripting in C++”


Render UI to texture
Turbo Badger UI integration
Dear ImGui w/o steamrolling


C#: https://github.com/xamarin/urho


irc://irc.freenode.net/Urho3D There's an unofficial IRC channel "urho3d" on the freenode server.
http://discourse.urho3d.io/t/ready-to-use-models-with-animations/2147 Some ready to use models for Urho
Free Terrain Editors

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