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@lcharette lcharette released this Jun 2, 2019


  • New group factory ('UserFrosting\Sprinkle\Account\Database\Models\Group')
  • New withController Trait, as an alternative for deprecated ControllerTestCase
  • StyleCI config
  • [Travis] SQLite in-memory DB testing
  • [Travis] enabled memcache & Redis service


  • DefaultPermissions seed results in SQL errors (#981; #983)
  • Make group & role schema consistent between creation and edition. Prevents group and role without a name or slug to be created during edition.
  • Factories changed to make sure slugs are unique
  • Fix WithTestUser Trait returning a user with id of zero or reserve master id when a non-master user was asked. If master user already exist, will return it instead of trying to create a new one (with the same id)
  • Force close db connection on test tearDown procedure


  • Recommended PHP version is now 7.2, as 7.1 will be EOL in less than 6 months
  • Added tests coverage for all build-in controllers
  • Applied styling rules from StyleCI & updated php-cs-fixer rules to match StyleCI config


  • ControllerTestCase. Use withController Trait instead.
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