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National Institute of Standards and Technology

Department of Commerce


Please visit, the NIST Opensource Contributions Portal.


  1. macOS Security Compliance Project

    YAML 814 101

  2. OSCAL Public

    Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL)

    XSLT 439 136

  3. fipy Public

    FiPy is a Finite Volume PDE solver written in Python

    Python 360 138

  4. jsip Public

    JSIP: Java SIP specification Reference Implementation (moved from

    Java 222 117

  5. frvt Public

    Repository for the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT)

    C++ 202 96

  6. jarvis Public

    JARVIS-Tools: an open-source software package for data-driven atomistic materials design

    Python 170 94