Make it a fun to create spec for developers and teammates
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Sketch Measure

Make it fun to create specs for developers and teammates. Sketch 41.* support.

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Installing Plugins

  1. Download the ZIP file and unzip
  2. Open Sketch Measure.sketchplugin

New UI

Friendly user interface offers you a more intuitive way of making marks.

How to

  • Hold down the Option key on keyboard and click icons on the toolbar to show panels.


Spec Export

Automatically generate a html page with one click, and inspect all the design details including CSS Styles on it offline.

If you want to create one artboard by one HTML file, please uncheck "Advanced mode".



Custom Shortcuts

To create your own custom shortcuts, go to Keyboard in your System Preferences and click the Shortcuts tab. Select App Shortcuts and click ‘+’ to create a new shortcut. Choose Sketch from the Application list, then enter the exact name of the menu item you want to create the shortcut for. Finally choose your own shortcut combination and you’re all set.