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Uyuni documentation sources. Uyuni docs are written in Asciidoc (Asciidoctor flavor).
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Uyuni Documentation Repository


This is the source for Uyuni documentation.

Documentation Wiki

For additional details on building, publishing, developing or understanding our toolchain, visit the SUSE Manager Documentation Wiki.


To contribute to Uyuni documentation:

  1. Clone the repository to your local machine:

    git clone
  2. Check out the /master branch:

    git checkout master
  3. Create a new working branch for your changes:

    git checkout -b branchname
  4. Navigate to the adoc directory and make your changes using your preferred text editor.

  5. Ensure your changes build locally. This step requires that you have your local environment set up correctly. <!-- TODO: add environment setup instructions -→

  6. Add the updated files to your commit:

    git add .
  7. Commit your changes:

    git commit -m "Commit message here"
  8. Push your changes:

    git push

    Note that git may require you to set an upstream in order to push. If so, use this command:

    git push --set-upstream origin branchname
  9. Create a pull request (PR) by navigating to and clicking on Compare and Create Pull Request. Write an informative commit message detailing your changes, choose reviewers, and save your PR.


    Choose your reviewers carefully! If you have made changes to the technical detail of the documentation, choose an appropriate subject matter expert (SME) to review those changes. Additionally, every change requires at least one documentation team member to approve.

Review Standards

These standards ensure that our documentation is accurate, that PRs are not left to age, and that the source code remains clean. Ensure you follow these standards if you are participating in the Uyuni documentation repository.

  • If you are still working on a PR, add [WIP] to the title of your PR. This allows people to review the PR, but notifies reviewers that you have not completed work.

  • Only the original author should merge PRs, do not merge other author’s PRs unless you have express permission from them to do so.

  • Do not merge a PR until you have received the following approvals:

    • For a technical change, approval from at least one SME

    • For all changes, approval from at least one other member of the documentation team

The Uyuni Documentation Team

  • Joseph Cayouette @jcayouette

  • Karl Eichwalder @keichwa

  • Lana Brindley @Loquacity


Update: 6.6.2018:

  • ✓ Move from db5 sources to adoc

  • ✓ Create an adoc getting started guide (see wiki)

  • ✓ Create links to official Asciidoctor manuals

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